Monthly Archives: March 2010

The Borough Bridge Challenge

There are 24 bridges that separate the boroughs and I intend to run across all of them. Manhattan & Brooklyn The Brooklyn Bridge The Manhattan Bridge The Williamsburg Bridge Queens & Manhattan Queensboro Bridge Roosevelt Island Bridge Ward’s Island Bridge Brooklyn & Queens McGuinness Boulevard Bridge Greenpoint Avenue Bridge Kosciuszko Bridge Bronx & Manhattan Triborough […]
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Skitchin’ a Ride

Traffic is usually a skateboarders worst enemy. Nothing makes riding the concrete wave more difficult than cars whizzing by inches from your board. Now normally I like to ride the hills in Central Park but riding the same street all the time is monotonous. So I took to the streets and decided to use the […]
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The Complaint

I was going to complain but then the person I was going to complain to did the thing I was complaining about so now I complain to you.
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