Never Coming Back

Day nine’s prompt is to “write a poem that includes a line you’re afraid to write.”

She’s gone
And never coming back.

Came home to an empty house
Knew what to expect
But not how to feel

Quiet and alone
Wander the rooms
Counting the memories
And the ones that will never be

Collapse to the ground,
I sobbed.
Lamenting the loss of a life
With the one I loved

My feelings will fade with time
There is a place in my heart
Where I will look back fondly

It hurt more than anything
Can I ever forgive
How she treated my heart.

Ode to the Bluebonnet









Bluebonnets naturally grow only in Texas
Imagine my surprise when I found one in Puerto Rico
Plucked from its native land and displayed prominently

Springtime means fields of blue lining the roadways
Family photos and inspiring landscapes
A unique and annual rite

Among a sea of decorative plates
From places near and far
The humble bluebonnet stands out

I pluck it from the wall
Generally a forbidden act
Condoned by the owner

“Take it,” Sylvia says
“It’s fate”
“It should be with a Texan”

A journey of destiny
A flower returned its native land.


Tinder Tourist

Swipe right for the beautiful women
But will they swipe right back
Superficiality rules

No tourists
No tan lines
No hookups

No braces
No duck face
No car selfies
Casual connections welcome,
recommendations for beaches, too

“You are cute and smart
but live a thousand plus miles away…
My luck.”

Casa Sierra

Clean out the old stuff her mother left behind
Souvenir plates hang on the wall, some missing
Rings of dust reveal outlines of past relics
Photos from another era abandoned to decay

The overgrown backyard is ruled by lizards and weeds
Flowers bloom and plantains dangle from the trees

Casa Sierra is alive once again, if only for the moment
A snapshot of when the past meets the present
Clean it out, flip it soon.
Sell it quick so doesn’t end up empty and alone.

Falling Down/Getting Up

“Man down, man down”
I was doing so well
A handful of brake is all it takes
To slide out
Crashing to the concrete floor
Jarred back to life
Bikes whizzing by
A dizzying blur
Wrap the chain back on the crank
Grease-stained fingers
Gotta keep going
Do not give up
Get back on and finish
10th  place
Not what I hoped

Disappointment sets in
Blood flows
Adrenaline wears off
Pain takes hold
No skin to protect me
Exposed to the hurt
Exposed to the world
Truly vulnerable

Lessons learned
When you fall
Get up
Keep going
Wounds are superficial
Comfort in healing,
In time
Scars are but a reminder
Of what we endured,
Of how strong we are.