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Zen and the Insanity of Running

Yesterday I ran further than I can recall in recent memory. The last time I ran more than 20 miles was six years ago to the day when I finished the Motorola Marathon in Austin, Texas. So I laced up my shoes and headed toward Central Park. I initially intended to run to a nearby […]
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The Soft Pack Storms New York City

The San Diego native rockers are bringing their unique mix of punk and classic rock sounds to New York City starting this Friday. The band will by playing a free show at The Cake Shop for their cd released Tuesday. The show is open to all ages and best of all it’s free. The party […]
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Dr. Frankenstein’s Metal Monster

I was walking to dinner this evening when I noticed something sitting at the foot of a lamppost. It was the unmistakable suitcase that holds typewriters. Given my affinity for typewriters, I immediately investigated the scene of the crime. DCPI Report: On Saturday, January 23, 2010 at approximately 1756 hours police responded to the corner […]
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Shows to Catch in the Spring of 2010

One of my new year’s resolutions was to see more live shows. What a better place to do that then New York City. I scoured some of the popular venues and while I’m sure I didn’t find all the bands, here are a few that shouldn’t be missed. Hot Chip – $35 Saturday, Feb. 6 […]
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If This Journalism Thing Doesn't Work Out

When I was killing some time while working on my masters program I downloaded a DJ program and started to mix some songs from my iTunes playlist. I came up with this interesting compilation. It’s only my first stab at mixing songs, yet the compilation is representative of my musical ADD. You can right click […]
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A Change of Heart and Home

Driftwood, Texas is no New York City. But for better or worse, it was my home for 18 years until I moved to Boston for my undergraduate studies. I have lived the majority of my life in the house that my father built. This year my return home during Christmas and New Years was not […]
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The Hazards of Skateboarding

So I took my skateboard out for a spin after taking a three week hiatus and no more than 5 minutes after I took off, I hit a patch of gravel that twisted my board cock-eyed. The laws of motion sent me flying off my board and hitting the asphalt road hard. My primary concern, […]
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The Well of Death and the Power of Centripetal Force

Ah the carnival. Nothing would excite me in my youth quite like the thrill rides one finds at the carnival – the Tilt A’ Whirl, the Tornado, or even the tried and true roller coaster. But instead of wandering a field in Texas, cotton candy in hand, what if you came upon the Well of […]
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Two Roomies and a Typewriter

A couple of nights ago, my roommate Rick and I were drinking beer when we decided to whip out my typewriter, a 1964 Smith Corona Classic 12. Light Blue. Full manual. Rick and I are both writers – him the creative nonfiction type and me the reporter – so we decided to collaborate on an […]
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Top 30 Tunes of 2009: Listen Here

2009 was a year where the norm was turned upside down. We saw a regime change in Washington, D.C. Michael Jackson’s death almost crashed the internet. And people lost their marbles over the flu. Music was no exception. We saw the formation of supergroups like Monsters of Folk, Them Crooked Vultures and The Dead Weather. […]
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