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Authentic Austin Pig Roast

Words and Photos by M.L. Huisman — On Friday, Dec. 20, my friends Ian Buchanan and Ryan Reid roasted an 80-pound pig. It was their third time roasting a whole pig but their first using the caja china method, an aboveground roasting box. Ian and Ryan engineered a box out of cinder blocks, lined it […]
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Safety Concern of Pennsylvania Ave. Bridge

In mid April, I wrote the District of Columbia Transportation Department about concerns I had regarding a section of the Pennsylvania Avenue bridge that crosses the Rock Creek Parkway. I cross the bridge two times a day as part of my bike commute to and from work.  During the first few months of this year, […]
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Where to Play Pinball in Washington, D.C.

Updated 6/15/13 I love pinball. It has been a hobby of mine since I was a boy. I grew up playing Space Mission and have always sought out machines wherever I lived. However, I was disappointed to find that once I moved to Washington, D.C. there seemed to be an absence of pinball culture. The “pinball […]
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Hundreds March in Support of Prop. 8 Ruling

by Matthew Huisman SAN FRANCISCO – Gay rights supporters showed their pride and colors after a California judge overturned Proposition 8, a law that only recognized marriages between men and women. Rainbow flags flew through the streets of San Francisco as thousands marched from The Castro, San Francisco’s gay district, down Market Street toward City […]
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20 Miles, Three Flautas and Two Flat Tires Later or How I Bought a Bike

It’s summertime and for me that usually means two things: bicycling and swimming. Unfortunately, living in New York City limits my ability to do the latter. So to kick off summer, I decided that I needed a new road bike. I prowled Cragislist and a few bike shops before setting off for a bike shop in […]
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The Borough Bridge Challenge

There are 24 bridges that separate the boroughs and I intend to run across all of them. Manhattan & Brooklyn The Brooklyn Bridge The Manhattan Bridge The Williamsburg Bridge Queens & Manhattan Queensboro Bridge Roosevelt Island Bridge Ward’s Island Bridge Brooklyn & Queens McGuinness Boulevard Bridge Greenpoint Avenue Bridge Kosciuszko Bridge Bronx & Manhattan Triborough […]
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Skitchin’ a Ride

Traffic is usually a skateboarders worst enemy. Nothing makes riding the concrete wave more difficult than cars whizzing by inches from your board. Now normally I like to ride the hills in Central Park but riding the same street all the time is monotonous. So I took to the streets and decided to use the […]
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The Complaint

I was going to complain but then the person I was going to complain to did the thing I was complaining about so now I complain to you.
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Fed-Ex, Delivering More Than Packages

Anyone who rides public transportation knows the feeling – watching the glowing red tail lights of the bus or train as it rides away without you, missing it by a matter of seconds. The feeling of disappointment hurts almost as much as the cold wind that slaps you across the face. This happened to me […]
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Zen and the Insanity of Running

Yesterday I ran further than I can recall in recent memory. The last time I ran more than 20 miles was six years ago to the day when I finished the Motorola Marathon in Austin, Texas. So I laced up my shoes and headed toward Central Park. I initially intended to run to a nearby […]
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