Never Coming Back

Day nine’s prompt is to “write a poem that includes a line you’re afraid to write.”

She’s gone
And never coming back.

Came home to an empty house
Knew what to expect
But not how to feel

Quiet and alone
Wander the rooms
Counting the memories
And the ones that will never be

Collapse to the ground,
I sobbed.
Lamenting the loss of a life
With the one I loved

My feelings will fade with time
There is a place in my heart
Where I will look back fondly

It hurt more than anything
Can I ever forgive
How she treated my heart.

Ode to the Bluebonnet









Bluebonnets naturally grow only in Texas
Imagine my surprise when I found one in Puerto Rico
Plucked from its native land and displayed prominently

Springtime means fields of blue lining the roadways
Family photos and inspiring landscapes
A unique and annual rite

Among a sea of decorative plates
From places near and far
The humble bluebonnet stands out

I pluck it from the wall
Generally a forbidden act
Condoned by the owner

“Take it,” Sylvia says
“It’s fate”
“It should be with a Texan”

A journey of destiny
A flower returned its native land.